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What We Ate This Week

Posted on April 22nd, by Gary in Food. 16 comments

We thought we would take a photo of each of our meals so you get an idea of what a week of paleo eating looks like for us. It was a busy week with work and studying for a gym instructor exam so nothing too fancy. We tried out Riverford plus we picked up some frozen wild salmon and jars of tuna from the supermarket. We also had some frozen veg left in the freezer so we used that up as well.

It was only the second time I’ve bought from Riverfords. All the fruit and veg looked good and lasted well. Meat was more hit than miss. Pork chops, lamb, chicken legs, gluten free sausages and beef mince were all nice, the steaks sucked though. Value wise I think I prefer Abel & Cole but not a huge amount of difference between them.

All food boxed and unpacked

Friday started off with a fennel and tomato omelette with a few pieces of bacon. Lunch was a chicken leg with some spices, broccoli and watercress. Ellie and I did a Gym Jones tabata workout after work and then enjoyed a pork chop with veg and a couple of squares of dark chocolate.

day 1 ammended

Saturday’s breakfast was a couple of gluten free pork & apple sausages with 2 eggs then we headed off for the gym instructor practical exam. All went well so just the theory to go. We did a 60min bike ride at the gym then came back home for a steak, some salad and sweet potato mash. Dinner was roast lamb, some more sweet potato and veg.

day 2

Chilled on Sunday. Leftover lamb with onions and an egg for breakfast. Round my mum’s for Sunday lunch (lamb roast) then back home and Ellie made us a pear crumble with some ground nuts in the evening.

day 3

Ellie’s dad has recently got some hens so he brought us a few eggs round at the weekend. We used those for breakfast with some mushrooms then made a fennel and wild salmon omelette for lunch. Dinner was some minced beef with salad and sweet potato before I headed out to Krav Maga class.


Tuesday’s breakfast was a pretty sorry-looking 4 eggs scrambled. Roast pork with veggies for lunch then a few 800m running intervals before dinner of steak and veg. Didn’t realise it was a braising steak but didn’t have time to slow cook it so took the chance and grilled it – steak fail all round.

Tues Collage

Wednesdays we had scrambled eggs with leeks for breakfast and then a tuna salad for lunch. Espresso in the afternoon – I’ll usually have one coffee and one cup of tea a day. Dinner was liver pate, sweet potato, roasted veg and then off to kettlebell class.

Weds Collage

Thursday was pork chop and a fried egg then some more liver with salad for lunch. I don’t eat much fruit but had a banana and some nuts for a snack and then some steamed wild salmon with a salad. We we’re running a little low on food at this point so this was quite a light day.

Thurs Collage

16 thoughts on “What We Ate This Week

  1. Gluten free sausages. Have you thought about Bratwurst because if made in Germany they have to be 100% meat products by law. When we lived in Germany, bratwurst was one of the things we knew we could give our Coeliac daughter. That and their ice cream for a similar reason.

    • Yeah we big fans of Bratwurst (actually got a few packs today!). I was born in Germany while my dad was in the army so had them growing up. So much better eating something which isn’t full of crap fillers.

  2. That’s a lot of good healthy meals and some ideas for me, thanks. Can I ask about the gym instructor exam you did where was it and who with ? I’m thinking of going ahead and signing up for one.

    • Sure, we signed up with AMAC who do the CYQ Level 2 course. They had a venue near us and also the course is a lot cheaper than some other providers as they get funding.

      A lot of people recommend Premier but I don’t know if I could justify 3k on a pt course. AMAC have been pretty good, knowledgeable tutors although some of the web material is a little dated. Fine for a basic gym instructor qualification though.

  3. Very helpful to actually see the week’s menu: gives a good idea of portion sizes too. But there did not look to be much fat unless there were salad dressings etc. and mayo, in with the tuna. Perhaps I have got the wrong idea about fat?

    • Hi, I did actually think the photos like fat free but we actually go through quite a lot. That week we probably had 2 packs of Kerrygold in the meals, lots of EVOO and a handful of nuts, there’s also a few avocados in there too.

    • Add fat by topping your meals with either flax oil or cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or even avocado oil. Add avocadoes into your salad, or as a garnish or even with your breakfast egg scramble. Nuts have good fats in also ;)

  4. I’m just new to the UK (been here 3 months now) and have been ordering fruit and veg from Riverford. I looked into Abel & Cole but decided to try Riverford and am happy with them even though I wish they would let you swap and change things from the boxes. So far it’s been good though and I just top up with items I want that aren’t in the box.

    I also really like green pasture farms. Ordered some stuff recently and it’s great!

    Btw your meals look delicious :)

  5. Hi, I am just looking to start my Paleo/Primal journey and feeling overwhelmed with information (trust the good old Internet for info-overload!)

    I may be doing things back to front but I have started my fitness journey as well and trying to get myself into a routine there and slowly making changes to my eating habits (I don’t call it a diet as that word creates an immediate ‘fail’ in my head and will-power!)

    What I am seeing with the paleo/primal is that there needs to be a lot of work put in for each meal – your food diary looks lovely, but I don’t know how you have time to create 3 different meat dishes in one day and still work/live! I have 2 children, a job, I study – it’s all time…don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cooking and it’s rare we would have ready meals (so I feel I am already on a decent part of the path!) but I am worried that I can’t fit all this cooking in.

    How do you guys do it? Do you cook everything in advance or do you have more time at home?

    Your website is one of the best I’ve found for information btw – it’s far more comprehensive for beginners like myself – so many thanks for that! :-)

    • Their meals aren’t complicated. It doesn’t take long to boil or roast sweet potato and some veg while you fry or grill your meat, you should have dinner ready in about half an hour to 45mins. Throw on some herbs towards end of cooking (I like fresh coriander, parsley and basil) and top with good oil and you’re set.

      • Yeah most of our meals don’t take too long to cook. Fresh herbs can really help jazz up a meal without having to make a fancy sauce then I usually go for a good EVOO or some grass-fed butter.

    • Hi Le, thanks for the kind comments!

      It does depend how much time we have during the week. A lot of the time we will make a large batch of food in a slowcooker at the weekend which is great for lunches. We also use a steamer which is easy as you don’t have to watch it. You can also throw some chicken etc in there are it’s a whole meal cooked in ~30mins.

      What does help is we roughly plan out our weekly meals before we do the shopping. That way we can plan to cook easy meals on busy days or use leftovers for breakfast. Salads + protein is really quick and then we’ll make more fancy meals at the weekend when we have more time. Having some frozen veg in the freezer is also a good idea for when you cant be bothered to cook.

      I hope some of those ideas help. It’s definitely a bit more effort than cereal and sandwiches but doing some meals in bulk and keeping it simple with good ingredients can really make it easier.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I am looking into going paleo and I have no idea what to buy or cook so this is perfect to give me a visual representation. I will stick to my green smoothies for breakfast but def going to eat more like the rest of your meals.

    Am looking into buying a meat box from a delivery place as Sainsbury’s organic meat is extortionate! £7 for 4 organic chicken thighs!?

    • Yeah that sounds really expensive. At the moment we get a weekly box from Devon Rose who are good value for the quality. It lasts most of the week then we’ll get some cheaper meat like liver or some fish.

      Glad you found the post useful :-)

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