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Book Review: Running With The Kenyans

Posted by Gary in Books, Reviews. 4 comments

18th January

My Christmas reading was a brilliant book, Running with The Kenyans by journalist and runner Adharanand Finn. It follows his journey to shed light on what makes the Kenyans such gifted runners. To do this he doesn’t just study them – he embarks on a 6 month stay in Kenya, training along side champions and hopefuls.

Review: Barefoot Running The Movie

Posted by Ellie Conway in Reviews. No Comments

24th October

Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee, authors and owners of Run Bare, have recently put together a feature length film to inspire and educate the masses about the benefits barefoot running.

Xero Shoes Now Available in the UK

Posted by Ellie Conway in News. 6 comments

3rd October

Xero Shoes (previously Invisible Shoes) are now available from 3 independent retailers in the UK. Based on the sandals of the Tarahumara Indians these shoes are an interesting alternative for barefoot running fans. Click for more details…

The Zen of Barefoot Walking

Posted by Gary in Training. 1 Comment

1st October

Walking is the most basic of movement skills. Even if we don’t train, it is the one skill we all learn to allow us to move around. When barefoot walking we take part in something that is simple, natural and yet deeply significant. It allows us to connect with the earth and our surroundings. Are you interested in adding a new dimension to your training that goes beyond physical improvement?

7 Warning Signs of Bad Barefoot Running Technique

Posted by Ellie Conway in Training. 2 comments

13th August

While it’s important to make the leap from regular running shoes to barefoot, this will not make you immune to injury. Barefoot running and good form must go hand-in-hand. Without the right technique, you will still be at an increased risk of picking up an injury and bringing a halt to your training. We are going to look at the 7 warning signs that indicate your barefoot running technique could do with some adjusting.

Barefoot Running Cadence

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6th August

One of the essential elements of successful barefoot running is cadence. If you want to improve your running speed, style and efficiency then understanding your own sweet spot in barefoot running cadence could be the key.

How to Learn Pose Running – The Ultimate Guide

Posted by Gary in Training. 5 comments

25th July

In the 1970′s, Russian university and track team coach Nicholas Romanov developed a training system that would revolutionise running.

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