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Our Favourite Paleo Blogs

Posted on June 5th, by Ellie Conway in News. 3 comments

Here’s a quick overview of some of our favourite paleo blogs. The paleo/primal community is not short of excellent online content but these represent some of the best information out there. Whether you are new to paleo and are looking for recipes or you want to keep informed of the latest nutritional studies then you can find it all within these blogs.

Many of these sites also have excellent communities around them and can be an ideal place to ask questions or discuss new ideas. Even if your family or co-workers aren’t clued up on paleo you will often find plenty of supports of primal/ paleo blogs. Since google reader was dropped a few months ago we’ve been using Feedly which is a handy tool for organising blog feeds. Let us know your favourite blogs or paleo info sources in the comments.

Whole Health Source

The science behind obesity, metabolism, nutrition and health. Stephen Guyenet is a researcher in obesity and although his posts are more science-based, they are well written and you don’t need a PhD to understand them. Essential reading.

Robb Wolf

Author of The Paleo Solution and leading paleo nutrition expert, Robb Wolf blogs about big issues in paleo and performance training. There has been a trend towards more guest posts as I’m guessing Rob is busy with all his other activities but still a brilliant blog.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson’s daily blog is an incredible resource for those following a primal lifestyle. Between the blog and his excellent forum you can find the answer to almost any paleo question.

The Daily Lipid

Chris Masterjohn’s blog is combination of studies, evidence based writings and in-depth reports on nutrition. Very informative and always backed up with science.

Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tam is passionate about good food and it shows in her excellent blog. She shares beautiful pictures of her food, meals out and favourite kitchen items. A great resource for paleo lunch ideas.

Chris Kresser, L.Ac

Chris Kresser is an acupuncturist, integrative medicine practitioner and has also studied Chinese and functional medicine. His blog helps dispel common myths and misdirections peddled by the media and medical establishment.


Petro “Peter” Dobromylskyj is a trained vet and he uses his science & medical background to good effect in his blog articles. Peter is a self-proclaimed saturophile rather than a paleo guy but his research is excellent nonetheless.

Free the Animal

Free The Animal is all about freeing yourself and reaching your potential in all areas of life: heath, fitness, finances, social interaction and how you think about all of them. Richard Nikoley is a talented writer and his articles are the catalyst for excellent debates in the comments.


A fantastic resource with a huge selection of paleo recipes. Juli has a great sense of humour and we love her simple but tasty style of cooking.

The Domestic Man

Russ Crandall helps you reconnect with nature through fundamental, traditional dishes that are historically relevant. No modern processed ingredients, just naturally nutritious meals. My sort of food!

Dr. Briffa

Dr Briffa is a practising doctor who often provides a welcome professional analysis of the latest medical studies. He also highlights important lifestyle factors outside of diet that we should all be paying attention to.

3 thoughts on “Our Favourite Paleo Blogs

  1. Thanks for great blog! I am just starting a primal blog myself as there are far too few in the uk. The aim is to spread the word of Paleo and primal eating to those who are struggling with losing and maintaining their weight, have low energy levels and simply feel imbalance. It would also be amazing if you would care to mention me here when I have established myself a bit more? Plenty of recipes to go up on the site in the next few weeks and I am also on instagram @foodconscience #foodconscience

    Many thanks

  2. Hi,I’m so pleased to find a UK Paleo site. I’ve been primal for about 2 years and love it. Recently though I’ve been ill alot,catching all sorts of bugs from school,I am a teaching assistant so open to germs every day. I’m finding it hard to shift a cough and cold at the moment and trying to rebuild my immunity back up again and to regain my energy levels. If you can offer any advice then I’ll be so grateful.

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