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Guest Post: Harissa Chorizo Egg Crepes

Posted by Ellie Conway in Recipes. 5 comments

24th July

This is a guest post by Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo. Irena, is “a digital professional turned full time kitchen goddess”. Originally from Ukraine, Irena moved to Australia at 16 and after years doing the corporate thing – she decided to follow her childhood passion for food and took to inspiring people by sharing her delicious & wholesome paleo meals. Here’s one of our fav’s…

Harissa chorizo egg crepes

This recipe was a bit of an accident. I was tossing up between savoury crepes and a Mexican burrito. This is what I ended up with and luckily it was so delicious, it made it to the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook.

Contains: Eggs, nightshades, under 30 minutes

Serves 2


2 tbsp olive oil
½ Spanish onion, finely diced
½ red pepper (capsicum/bell pepper), finely diced
1 medium chorizo sausage
6 eggs
Pinch of salt
Ghee for cooking egg crepes
1 tbsp harissa paste

Fresh herbs … Read More »

Are You Vitamin D Deficient? (Infographic)

Posted by Gary in Infographic. 4 comments

16th July

Spotted this neat infographic on the interwebs. 16% of the UK population is severely deficient in vitamin D so make the most of our good weather while we have it.


Paleo Trail Mix

Posted by Gary in Recipes. 1 Comment

2nd July

This paleo trail mix is perfect as a change for breakfast with some coconut milk or you can mix it all up in a ziplock bag and use it as a travelling snack. We usually keep a small batch mixed in a Tupperware box at home so we can grab a handful then we’ll just top it up with new ingredients when it’s running low.

We usually go for a nut & coconut flake combo but this time we tried out some really cool new ingredients: mulberries, goji berries and cacao nibs. The mulberries look like little pine cones and have an amazing honey taste – they’re actually really similar to sugar puffs in taste and texture. Goji berries are really nutrient dense and taste a bit like cranberries. The cacao nibs are good for some magnesium and sulphur supplementation and … Read More »

Our Favourite Paleo Blogs

Posted by Ellie Conway in News. 4 comments

5th June

Here’s a quick overview of some of our favourite paleo blogs. The paleo/primal community is not short of excellent online content but these represent some of the best information out there. Whether you are new to paleo and are looking for recipes or you want to keep informed of the latest nutritional studies then you can find it all within these blogs.

Many of these sites also have excellent communities around them and can be an ideal place to ask questions or discuss new ideas. Even if your family or co-workers aren’t clued up on paleo you will often find plenty of supports of primal/ paleo blogs. Since google reader was dropped a few months ago we’ve been using Feedly which is a handy tool for organising blog feeds. Let us know your favourite blogs or paleo info sources in the comments.

Whole … Read More »

Back from holiday

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30th May

We’re back. Feeling refreshed and back into work mode. We went to Alvor which is a beautiful part of the Algarve and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the holiday, most of all having a break from cooking. Since we cook everything from scratch, a lot of our spare time is taken up which we don’t mind as we know we are investing in our health. But to be cooked for at breakfast and dinner was a real treat. We kept to Paleo as much as we could but sometimes the desserts were just too tempting to resist. We also tried out some excellent local goat’s cheese but on the whole it was the most paleo friendly holiday we’ve been on.

We did lots of exploring around the coves, which involved wading through deep water up to our chests to reach … Read More »

Coconut Cacao Smoothie

Posted by Gary in Recipes. 2 comments

30th April

Finally, some sun! We’ve been making the most of the good weather the last few weeks. Plenty of walks, hikes and bike rides to get some much needed vitamin D before the rain undoubtedly returns. A highlight of the weekend was just kicking back with a chilled smoothie after a ride along the Fleet canal. Luckily for us, the awesome folks at Detox Your World were kind enough to send us a few ingredients and a top recipe for a coconut cacao smoothie.

If you’re looking for a new smoothie recipe then you have to try this. It’s somewhat similar to an iced coffee with a hint of cacao sweetness and nuts. We used walnuts which were nice but I think hazelnuts would have worked even better with the coffee. From a health profile, macadamias and almonds are also excellent nuts but I … Read More »

What We Ate This Week

Posted by Gary in Food. 16 comments

22nd April

We thought we would take a photo of each of our meals so you get an idea of what a week of paleo eating looks like for us. It was a busy week with work and studying for a gym instructor exam so nothing too fancy. We tried out Riverford plus we picked up some frozen wild salmon and jars of tuna from the supermarket. We also had some frozen veg left in the freezer so we used that up as well.

It was only the second time I’ve bought from Riverfords. All the fruit and veg looked good and lasted well. Meat was more hit than miss. Pork chops, lamb, chicken legs, gluten free sausages and beef mince were all nice, the steaks sucked though. Value wise I think I prefer Abel & Cole but not a huge amount of difference … Read More »

Paleo Chicken Korma

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10th April

We fancied a curry night at the weekend and after skimming through one of Jamie Oliver’s books, we found we had all the right ingredients in the kitchen so went for this creamy paleo chicken korma. The original recipe used some yoghurt and few tsps of sugar which we replaced with coconut milk and no sugar to make it more paleo friendly. You could use a small tsp of some good honey if you want but we found it tasted fine without it.

Indian food can be a bit intimidating because of the number of ingredients, but once you master the essentials it’s a lot easier and it’s fun discovering your favourite recipes or variations. Jamie’s method requires you to make a fresh korma paste which you can then add to your curry dish. He has a few variations to popular … Read More »

Paleo Diet Shopping List

Posted by Gary in Food. 9 comments

4th April

Switching to paleo makes you think differently about the way you shop. Some things become easier – you only really need to shop in a few aisles and food choices are simple. But ditching cereals and bread means thinking a bit more about what you eat for breakfast and lunches. A typical day for us is meat and eggs in the morning, protein with either cooked vegetables or a salad for lunch and then finally some meat / fish with vegetables in the evening (plus some sweet potato / squash if it’s post-training).

To make sure we are good to go for the week I like to do a meal plan before we go shopping. That way I know roughly how much food I’m buying and we can cook up some work lunches in advance. The shopping list is roughly the … Read More »

Grilled Taco Salad

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2nd April

We’ve had a hectic Easter, meeting up with family as well as celebrating a birthday and a Christening, which included a few meals away from home which can sometimes be difficult to manage. There was lots of of cakes and pastries on offer which we managed to avoid (mostly!) and we stuck to gluten free  meals including a chicken curry and a tasty lamb roast.  We find the no-gluten rule keeps us on track whether it’s a restaurant meal or a party. We were also given a large Thornton’s dark chocolate Easter egg which we made a start on this bank holiday Monday after a good hour long swim.

One meal we did make at home this weekend was a grilled beef and vegetable taco salad. It’s similar to a fajita style dish but  we used a couple of char-grilled romaine lettuces rather than using them as wrap substitutes.  … Read More »

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